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Ecotourism “Holiday Cottage by the Emerald Bay” is situated in village of Nakielno by Bytyń Wielki Lake. It’s a perfect place for those who are tired with stressful job and urban life. Soothing and relaxing birds of many species singing can be heard here. Verdure surrounding the area relaxes your eyes and gives you hope. You can go into ecstasies over the huge garden with diversity of flowers, bushes and trees. It’s also an excellent location for the night sky observation. A small platform by the lake serves as a convenient fishing place (get a permission in AKŻ ’90 sailing base in Nakielno). Last but not least have the pleasure of swimming in the lake as clear as crystal.Nearby beech forests are full of boleti and coniferous forests are rich in bay boleti, birch boleti, chanterelles and umbrella mushrooms therefore many mushroom picking lovers visit the region. Our site gives you not only a unique opportunity for resting actively (bikes) but also an unusual contact with nature through walking around Nature Reserve and Natura 2000 “Wielki Bytyń” area.